Vigil Systems is helping drivers to stay safe behind the wheel.

Increase Safety and Manage Driver Performance

Vigil Systems is a global driver performance management company that improves driving behavior, manages risk, reduces costs and saves lives. For almost a decade, leading commercial and government transportation fleets around the world have used Vigil Systems to train, evaluate and risk manage thousands of professional vehicle drivers, reducing accident rates by 30 to 75 percent.
Using in-vehicle technology combined with advanced training and risk management solutions, Vigil Systems helps fleets to identify and correct unsafe driving, reducing claims, personal injuries and vehicle damage costs while lowering operating expenses and fuel consumption.

For North American customers, please visit Vigil Solutions - our US-based subsidiary.


  • The Vigil suite of products has been integrated into many aspects of our driver training program. Ian Haynes, CEO of Vigil and his team are very professional and have a fantastic understanding of public transport sector. Ian is able to assist transport operators who are willing to adopt a systems approach to assist in driving long-lasting positive change. I have no problems recommending Ian and Vigil Systems to public transport operators who are willing to do something a little different and innovative. Vigil Systems’ driver technology now plays a key role in our processes. We’ve implemented the Vigil suite of tools as part of our driver recruitment and training programs and are very happy with the impact that it has had within the business.
    COLIN JENNINGS, General Manager, Veolia Transport Queensland (Vigil Customer since 2009)
  • The primary advantage of Vigil is the ability for an operator to personally view behavior that needs improvement or change. In other words, an individual is provided the opportunity for a concrete self-analysis. It isn’t someone else telling them what they are or are not doing; it is them observing for themselves what they are or are not doing.   Without awareness of a behavior, you cannot change it. This makes them emphatically aware of their driving behaviors.”
    MARK ANDREWS, Senior Operations Instructor, OCTA - USA
  • It's an absolute no brainer...it takes only one significant collision to exonerate yourself from to pay for the entire cost of the program."
    TOM MERLINO, Director, Safety and Risk Management
  • Vigil is always ready to explore and share new ideas in the area of driver training with us. The VigilVanguard system complements our structured practical training programme and makes it easier for our trainees to hone their driving skills quickly."
    MS. LIM BEE HONG, VP, Learning & Devt, SBS Transit Ltd - Singapore